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New Patient

New Patient Information

Before your visit

Everything you need to know before your first visit to our office.

What To Bring

Please bring

  • Your valid ID, preferably your Driver’s License
  • Your valid and latest insurance card (not required for self-pay patients)
  • A list of your current medication
  • Filled out Patient Demo form available below (or you may choose to fill it out at our office as well)

If you wish to fill out new patient demo at the office please plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Know your Insurence coverage

  • We will submit primary, secondary and tertiary claims on your behalf as long as the information needed to process the claim is provided and verified before your visit. If this information is provided after your visit, the patient or guarantor is responsible for the balance.
  • We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances offered in Georgia. Exceptions are Peachstate Medicaid, Wellcare Medicaid, Caresource Medicaid Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathway X plan, and a few others. For more insurance information please call our office.


Other useful information

We participate in most major health plans; however you should know the following about your specific plan:

  • If the physician and facility (Eastside Endoscopy Center) are “In-Network”
  • If the physician is at your preferred tier level
  • Your annual deductible and how much has been met so far
  • Your office visit co-payment or co-insurance
  • If a referral is required to visit our specialist physician. Please coordinate all required referrals with your primary care physician and arrange to send the referral to us at least 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment.


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